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Backshadowing — an alternative to foreshadowing

Allow me, if you will be so kind, to coin a new word. As authors,…


Of words and word counts

Words. They are what we writers do, the end result of our efforts, the outpouring…


You can skip the worldbuilding

There are three primary things that go into making a novel: character, setting, and plot.…

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About the Author

bay_bridgeJeremy is a fantasy and science fiction author. He lives and writes in San Francisco with his wife and two cats.

Jeremy has a diverse background. In the digital realm, he's an experienced graphic designer, software developer, user experience designer, game designer, and music composer. In the real world, he has experience with restaurants and bartending, live theatrical and musical performance, and live sound and video production.

Jeremy wrote his first "novel" at age twelve, a little fantasy story that was hand-written in a notebook in his room at home. He's loved storytelling ever since, but didn't start writing with an eye toward publishing his work until 2014.